The Rights of a Minority Determined By the Hypocrisy of the Majority

The amount of sorrow, anger, hurt, and frustration I am feeling right now is akin to how I felt in the presidential elections of 2004. New Jersey has been playing catch-up and in the past 5 years has accelerated into the forefront of LGBTQ equality. To give a brief synopsis:


  • New Jersey’s broad Law Against Discrimination was amended to include “affectional or sexual orientation”


  • New Jersey passes Domestic Partnership law, enabling same-sexed partners to be ‘kinda married’


  • New Jersey’s broad Law Against Discrimination was amended to include “gender identity and expression”
  • Lewis vs. Harris : The judges unanimously condemned the inequality of Domestic Partnership, but in a 4 to 3 split allowed the legislature to pass civil unions instead of removing the marriage restrictions.
  • December 2006, the New Jersey Legislature passed a bill providing for civil unions and recognizing other states’ civil unions.


  • Gov. Corzine Pushes several companies to recognize Civil Unions as the equivalent of Marriage thus asking the company to comply with New Jersey law and extend spousal benefits such as health insurance to civil union partners.


  • Gov. Corzine vows to have Same-Sex Marriage voted on before he leaves his office. It was.

Today, equality in New Jersey was brought to the vote of the state senate. It was defeated. 14-yea, 20-nay, 3- abstentions, and 2 not present. My heart is heavy today. Not only has a painful injustice been done, but today in the courtroom, love has lost. The rights for same sex partners to marry has nothing to do with religious belief. It has nothing to do with political agenda. It only has to do with two people wishing to express their love in a way that heterosexual couples have taken granted for hundreds of years. Same sex marriage does not make a marriage between a man and a woman less valid; it further validates it. It shows marriage isnt about insurance, or bargaining, or gain… Its about love.

The sanctity of marriage has been lost for decades. Instead of trying to work things out, its easier to divorce. A man and a woman can get married in a car, and divorced hours later. Please explain to me how that works, and two people, together for 34 years cannot get married. It makes no sense.

New Jersey, United States, fuck, Planet Earth…

Please stop living in fear and with hate. Start living for love.

I leave you with two videos. Both of which express the feeling I am overwhelmed with right now far more eloquently than I ever could.

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