Introduce Yourself

Whenever I am asked to introduce myself, I have a difficult time walking the fine line between who I am, and what I do. Only recently am I starting to believe that I have been lucky enough to chose things that define who I am. How most people are more than their job, I have created an eclectic resume of self growth with the gigs I have chosen in my life. I guess I should start from the beginning?

Hi. I’m Samber. This name was given to me by my chosen family. It is a combination of my birth name and my name given to me at adoption. I am 27, and live with the family of my best friend of going on 15 years. Unlike most people I’ve met, I’m looking forward to getting older. I already have my 30th birthday planned :). I am a west coast transplant living in central NJ. My mother tells me that my birth parents were Scottish and Irish. My adopted parents are Irish, Scottish, and Polish. My birthday is in September, but I’ve been with my family since December of ’83. My Mom calls me her Christmas Miracle. We moved out here when I was still pretty little, and have been in Central NJ ever since.

I was raised some combination of Lutheran and Irish Roman Catholic. As in I was raised Catholic, but taught by my Lutheran mom everything about the church. I was never confirmed. My whole life I couldn’t imagine that this ‘one twroo god’ guy made this amazing gift called earth around us and expected us to stay inside a building we made to talk to him. Around the age of 12 I discovered Wicca. And I was all zOMG THEY GET IT!!! So I became a Wiccan. Then I discovered it was not for me. I felt like they had some of it right, but not all of it. Skip ahead a dozen years and several glances at religion and I am now apprenticing to be a Druid High Priestess.

My resume is pretty impressive. I worked daycare at a christian exercise class in the basement of a church, worked in a fish store cleaning the fuckers, dealing with crabs and catching  caught fish in the mornings when the boss came in. I can peel shrimps like a mofo now. I’m a massage therapist by trade, and have retail, barista, waitress, customer service, tow truck driving, receptionist, paintball gun fixing, and grocery bagging skills to rely on. Fuck yeah I’m well rounded. Currently I work as a stagehand and as a health care educator for UMDNJ. My life is kinda awesome.

I’m shamelessly pro-choice and actively fighting for womans/gender/sexuality/racial rights. I camp a lot, I recreate history for 2 weeks out of the year, and run a burner camp in DE 2 weekends a year. I try to be a good person, and people seem to think I am, so I guess my plan is working. One of my many nicknames is Momma, for my unending desire to help, mother, nurture, and feed everyone I care for.

I’m an orange haired, kinky, queer, gender fluid fatty who loves themselves and what I do.

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