An Analogy, For Living With Permanant Illness

Thank you Ammre,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with me The Spoon Theory. Because of this I now have a way to explain to people what my life with Rheumatoid Arthritis is like. It fucking sucks. But like Lucas says, “Don’t let the Man get you down, Joe!” It’s something I live with every day not out of choice, but out of having to. Being uninsured and having an autoimmune disease is bullshit, but it’s my bullshit that i must be reminded of every time it hurts to make a fist, I can’t put on a bra, or the pressure of my weight on my feet is enough to make me contemplate the logistics of strategic bed-wetting. I can now explain to people why I’m fine one day, using a cane the next, and cringing at moving my cane arm the next. I have a reason to show people why I didn’t get something done that anyone should be able to. Thank you.

The author does not have RA, she has Lupus. Not that it matters, but for the sake of clarity. It also shows that the spoon theory reaches across the board covering both mental AND physical illness. I hope it can help you to understand you ‘sick’ friends, or even give you the words to explain yourself and your ‘sickness. I’ve copied and pasted for ya down below. The original is here



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