Come Talk About Yourself!

I am a huuuuge believer in community and networking. It is something that has gotten me this far in my life, and therefore deserves recognition and applause.

*claps for each and everyone of you reading this. Yes, you. Right now. Thank you.*

I was recently asked to help with a friend-of-a-friend’s project on the ineffable. What does sub space feel like? I don’t think I have ever experienced something that I would identify as sub space. I’ve had sensations post orgasm tease/denial/forced scene that I could see potentially being called sup space, but I really feel they were more I-just-came-myself-stupid than some mythical (to me) state of being.

But YOU! Yes, you. Ok, maybe not you, but one of you reading has experienced this. Can you help? Tell me what sub space feels like to you. Or Dom space, what does dom space feel like to you? Below is the email sent to me, and feel free to leave your answers in the comments or to email them to me privately, or to comment anon on Formspring. I will not give any of your information out (deviants honor!) to anyone, and you will remain completely anonamous to whom will be using this information. So please help out?


Samber dot Daniels at gee mail

“So essentially I am doing a PhD in understanding the ineffable* experience as it’s produced by aurally led immersive installation art. If you are curious as to what I mean, you can go to my website and have a look at the work I did in 2009:

I am asking about subspace because the space I am aiming to create/establish for the viewer is similar to sub-space.  I am pretty switch myself and can write about my own experiences, but i would like to see what other people say about their subspace, what gets them there, what it’s like for them etc.  I can create a form if that’s helpful.

Everyone’s anonymity would be guarded with the utmost care and I wouldn’t let anyone know who said what etc.

This is just a small explanation of what I am looking for.

*awesome person

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  1. As someone who has extensively explored the spiritual uses of altered states of consciousness brought on by various forms of BDSM, I have talked to many people about the sensations they call “subspace” or “topspace”.

    It seems to have similar, if not the same properties, that light hypnotic trance has. People feel relaxed, open to suggestion, and a sense of interconnectedness. The body may feel light and floaty, although people tend not to want to move because it might break “the spell”. As the body releases oxytocin, people feel a sense of wonder and connectedness to those they interact with.

    There are ways these feelings can be initiated without any form of painplay or fetishism. Meditative techniques, such as guided journies, can bring on the same biochemical reactions. Concentration on the breath, focus brought to relaxation and release of tension and stress, and awareness of the body can begin that process.

    Hope this helps.

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