Irrational Fears

I have them. I have a lot of them. Landing, mayonnaise, creature under my bed, creature in my closet, loud noises, going blind (i memorize walking paths and how many steps it takes to get places), million legged things….

The one that to this day though still gets me is costume events.

I love costume events. I do. However for some strange reason I am terrified they are all a prank when I get an invite. I know my friends are awesome and are an incredible clan, but the moment one throws a costume themed party I’m terrified that they’re all doing this to get me to show up in costume and mock me. Every.Damn.Time. I don’t know where this fear came from, and I don’t know how to stop it.
I’ve been working as a bartender part time now for a while and i love it. Halloween being on a Monday meant that we all could play dress up this past weekend for work; which is AWESOME. However the thought of being the only one in costume even though I talked to the other two girls on shift 18 million times was enough to make me almost show up in mundanes.
But then I’d be the only one NOT dressed up and that’s just as terrifying to me. So I dressed up and brought a change of clothes with me just in case. Logically I know that no one has any desire to do this to me, any reason to do it, and I have no rational reason to be afraid of this. I’m just being a stupid chickenshit. Doesn’t stop it from happening.
Needless to say everyone did dress up and it was an awesome weekend despite October dressing up as Christmas for Halloween. Thanks for listening to my plight.

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