Farewell Sophie

I remember the day you came home. Mom was wearing her winter coat (which was as big as she was!) and holding her belly. I was 16 & sitting at the kitchen table. Startled I got up and asked “MOM ARE YOU OK!?” and she went “shhhhh” and unzipped her jacket a little. The tiniest tan nose I ever did see popped out! I wanted to name you “Clue” because of the adorable paw print on the back of your head, but Sophie won.


13 years later I am grateful I could say my goodbyes on Easter. We’ve had some incredible times together. Thank you for the memories, the tail wags, the laughter, the kisses. Hell, I’ll even miss the incessant howling and barking. I take peace in knowing that your last day was, although chilly, perfect.


Mom wanted to wait a little longer, but you were tired. I could see that your body was ready to rest. You were having issues with walking; even the tiniest stair step was a struggle. Getting outside in time was becoming more and more infrequent between the time it took you to move and the nerve damage going on in your back legs. I’m glad you were able to make it to Cape May; it was always your favorite place. Mom sat and ate lunch with you in the sun before taking you to the vets office. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through right now. I hope you understand she always wanted the best for you.


Farewell Sophie. Say hi to your big brother Max when you get to the summerlands.Image(Little baby Sophie cuddling up next to her big brother Max)


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